Greek Week

Greek Week is held each year during the spring semester at Southeast to celebrate membership in the Greek community.  The week consists of seven days of community service, social interaction and friendly competition!

All members of Greek organizations on campus volunteer at Special Olympics (April 6, 2019), collect canned food (April 8, 2019), participate in a clothing drive (April 4, 2019), raise money for various community organizations, participate in multiple community service projects around Cape Girardeau, and hold a blood drive (March 24-27) to assist in the ongoing need to save lives. Want to help out?  Please reach out to Jordan Fluegge and Margaret Schauwecker at

This year we were paired with the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. We were so excited to put our full effort into Greek Week to support the wonderful organization of One City!

In 2019’s Greek Week alone, members of Southeast fraternities and sororities served over 3,000 hours of community service, collected over 15,000 cans of food to the Salvation Army, donated 1,194 pints of  blood to the American Red Cross, and over $29,000 donated to various organizations in Cape including the Special Olympics, One City, The United Way, Honorable Mens Club, and more! At the end of this exciting week, we hold Greek Sing in the auditorium in Academic. This is where each sorority and fraternity pairing put on a skit incorporating their theme for Greek Week along with different staples of Southeast. Our sisters work hard to develop a skit and several dances for Greek Sing, and it is so fun to cheer them on and watch their hard work pay off! The winner of Greek Week is announced the next day at an “All Greek Chapter.” This meeting is a fun way to celebrate and recognize the many accomplishments made throughout the year and throughout Greek Week by each chapter on campus.

Here are some of Delta Nu’s 2019 All Greek Chapter Awards:

“Raised over $9,000 for One City,” “Most Blood Drive appointments made/kept,” “Honorable Mention for Harm Development,” “First Place in Greek Sing,” “Best Incorporation of SEMO in Skit,” and “Second Place Overall for Greek Week.” Our talented actress and president Sabina Tapscott won “Best Actress”, our dedicated sister Morgan Kaplan won “Junior of the Year”, and our hardworking sister Maren Hampton won “Unsung Heroine.” Congratulations to our sisters and chapter for these achievements!

Our theme this past year was “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” We had so much fun incorporating this theme with our pairing!




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