Fall Sorority Recruitment: September 6-10, 2017
Time: Approximately 5-10 p.m. every nightRegistration Form If you have any questions about joining a sorority at SEMO, please don’t hesitate to call (573) 651-2280 or email greeklife@semo.eduIf you have any questions about Alpha Delta Pi’s Recruitment, please contact Rachel Gallo, our Formal Recruitment Chair. Or, you can contact our VP of Formal Recruitment, Megan Raney, at They will be happy to help you out with any questions you have!Click here for more information about SEMO’s recruitment and going Greek!

Recruitment Week is a week that potential new members participate in to find out if being Greek is something they are interested in, and which sorority is right for them. We hope that every woman who goes through recruitment at Southeast finds a home in one of our six wonderful sororities, all of which are filled with amazing women.

Go Greek Night is the first night of recruitment!  The women of ADPi encourage all women to join the Greek community.  We introduce as many sorority women to the potential new members in hopes they start to see what ADPi is all about!


Philanthropy Night is when ADPi shares the experiences we’ve  had with our philanthropy, Ronald McDonald House (RMH). Giving back to our community and working hard for our philanthropies is a huge part of Greek life on Southeast’s campus.  During this night, we get to explain to potential new members about Kickin’ It With ADPi and Running with Ronald, which we host every year to benefit RMH.


Sisterhood Night is the night when we try to show potential new members what ADPi really means to us, although the bond we share as sisters can be inexplicable. We hope the girls get to know a little more about us and how our chapter has impacted each of our lives.


Preference Night
is the last night of recruitment.  During this night, ΑDPi wants to show every potential new member to know how much we have enjoyed getting to know them.  We use this last opportunity to really express our true feelings about our sisters and sorority.

Bid Day is the day everyone looks forward to the most!  On Bid Day, potential new members receive a ‘bid,’ or an invitation into a sorority.  All the sorority women wait patiently in Parker Field to see their new members after they’ve received their bids! This year, we had 48 amazing new members come running toward us with their Alpha Delta Pi bid cards in hand! We could not have been happier.