Fall Sorority Recruitment: August 15th-25th 2019

Time: Dates and Times listed below

August 15th: Move In Bash, 8:00pm-10:00pm

August 16th: Ice Cream Social 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Meet The Greeks 8:30pm to 10:00pm

August 21st: Start of Formal Recruitment

August 21st: Go Greek Night

August 22nd: Philanthropy Night

August 23rd: Sisterhood Night

August 24th: Preference Night

August 25th: Bid Day

Registration Form If you have any questions about going through recruitment or Greek Life in general, please call (573) 651-2280 or email .Click here for more information about SEMO’s recruitment and going Greek!
If you have any questions about Alpha Delta Pi’s Recruitment, please contact Tara Boushie, our Formal Recruitment Chair at Or, you can contact our Recruitment and Marketing Vice President, Katie Christian at They will be happy to answer any questions that you have!
Have a Recommendation Letter or a Legacy? Send those via email to Katie Christian at

Recruitment Week is a week that potential new members of sororities participate in to decide whether Greek life is something they would be interested in and to meet and learn about the seven different sororities that we have on campus. We hope that every woman who goes through recruitment at Southeast finds a home in one of our seven sororities, all of which are filled with phenomenal women.

Go Greek Night is the first night of recruitment.  The women of Alpha Delta Pi encourage all women to join the Greek community.  We are so excited to meet and get to know our potential new members, in hopes that they begin to see what ADPI is all about!

Philanthropy Night
is when Alpha Delta Pi shares our love for service and for our national philanthropy, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).  During Philanthropy night, our sisters get to educate potential new members on our national philanthropy and the various fundraising events that we hold for RMHC, as well as highlighting our own chapter’s experiences visiting and volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. We also get to share our love for community service and various events that we do to support the Cape Girardeau community and our sisters!

Sisterhood Night
is the night when we show potential new members what Alpha Delta Pi really means to us, although the bond we share as sisters can be inexplicable. Sisterhood is a major part of Alpha Delta Pi, and we hope each girl gets to know a little more about us and how our sisters have impacted each of our lives.

Preference Night is the last night of recruitment.  During this night, Alpha Delta Pi expresses how much we enjoyed getting to know each potential new member during recruitment week. Our Preference Night is something that each Alpha Delta Pi holds close to her heart, and we love sharing it with our potential new members. This is the last night before potential new members choose which sorority they will call home.

Bid Day is one of the most exciting, happiest days of the year! On Bid Day, potential new members receive a ‘bid,’ or an invitation into a sorority. Each sorority waits patiently at Parker Field to see their new members after they’ve received their bids. This past year, we had 42 amazing new members run home to Alpha Delta Pi! We could not have been happier.